Custom software programming services

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Providing professional application and website programming solutions. Contact us at info (at) medicinestorm (dot) com to request any of the following services:

  • PC applications
  • Database integration
  • Website design & development
  • Web administration
  • PostgreSQL, TSQL, MySQL
  • VB.Net, C#, C++
  • Mobile apps
  • Bug fixes
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Minecraft Sleeping Etiquette

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We get a lot of questions and arguments about our bed policy on Minecraft so here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and our answers… but first the policy in question:

‘If any player wants to skip night, all players should be courteous and do one of the following:

  1. Get to a bed fast (try to keep it under a minute) and sleep. Once in bed, type the message “bed”, “sleeping” or similar.
  2. If you are in the Nether when you see someone indicate they are in “bed”, continue what you are doing but type the message “nether” so others know they aren’t waiting on you.
  3. Once everyone who has gone with option 1 has reported that they are in “bed”, disconnect from the server, count to 10, then reconnect.’


  • Q: Why are you such a “bed nazi” in minecraft?
  • A: By remaining awake during night, you are inflicting the wrath of creepers (and other mobs) on other people’s creations. Even when someone is sheltered against mobs during the night cycle, the longer the night lasts, the more mobs will be waiting to undo their hard work as soon as they leave. Rude!
  • Q: Shouldn’t we vote on if the server should sleep?
  • A: No. For the same reason we don’t vote on whether people are allowed to dump garbage on the side of the road. The majority may want to do it, but it indirectly and unjustly harms the minority.
  • Q: What if no one on the server really needs to skip night?
  • A: If no one feels the need to sleep, then by all means burn the midnight oil. But if even one person wants to avoid their hard work getting blown up by creepers then everyone should sleep; underground or not.
  • Q: What if I’m mining/adventuring and not near a bed?
  • A: Bring a bed with you.
  • Q: I would bring a bed with me but I don’t want to spawn back at origin if I die because I moved my bed after sleeping in it. What then?
  • A: Leave the bed where it is after sleeping in it.
  • Q: Beds are expensive. Do I have to carry around a bunch of beds so I can leave them all over the place?
  • A: No you don’t. There are several options, but here are 2 of them:
    • Beds are not expensive. A single sheared sheep and a single block of wood provide all the materials needed to create a bed. Carrying a 64 stack of wood and a 64 stack of wool take only 2 inventory slots and contain everything you need to create 21 beds as well as 16 crafting tables.
    • You only need one bed in the approximate area you are adventuring in. When night falls, go to that temporary nearby shelter.
  • Q: Since I refuse to carry a bed/temp-shelter with me, I guess don’t mind trekking ALL THE WAY back to my house to sleep *sigh* but I am underground and can never tell what time it is until somone else says “bed”. It takes so long for me to get back to my house after that. Isn’t it the same as just not sleeping at that point?
  • A: Carry a clock. When the clock indicates night is approaching, start heading back to your house.
  • Q: I don’t WANNA carry a bed!… Or a clock! They’re too bulky! *sniff*… Please?
  • A: Aww, poor little guy… you don’t have to sleep. Just log out as soon as everyone else is in bed, then log back in.
  • Q: I would log out + log in, but isn’t it kind of a waste of time to log back in when I get an “End of stream” error or similar?
  • A: Yes, it is a waste of time, but not as much of a waste of time as rebuilding your creations because a creeper destoryed them after someone took their sweet time getting to bed! We are researching a fix for these errors, but in the meantime, this is not a legitimate reason for refusing to disconnect or sleep.
  • Q: Wouldn’t it be easier to just use the Op /time set command to skip night?
  • A: Yes it would. It would also be easier to just use the Op /give diamonds command, the op /xp 5000 command, the Op /tp player command, enable flying on the server, or set peaceful monsters on the server. There are special circumstances where these commands are appropriate, but they are used rarely because using them all the time is convenience at the expense of game play. Using the time set command all the time effectively eliminates the need for beds, eliminates the ability to change spawn points, and devalues all armor, weapons and potions since part of the game is defending against monster attacks when you are late getting back to shelter after nightfall.
  • Q: What if there is a special circumstance like if I just died so I have no items and am a long distance from my shelter?
  • A: Key words here are “special circumstance”. Most players are willing to be patient and deal with mobs on that rare occasion when stuff like this happens. Not a big deal. However, if you are consistently holding everyone else up because you take forever getting to a bed or disconnecting… we feel the Op /kick command is far less disruptive to game play than /time set.
  • Q: Don’t you think you are being a little high-and-mighty about this?
  • A: If you really feel that way we will voluntarily revoke our own operator status.

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This site is undergoing an extreme web makover. Please check out our primary game project in the meantime:

Project Utumno

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